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cOVID-19 faq

Covid-19 Landlord FAQ

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What will constitute an unforeseen circumstance in the future? A frustrated lease for impossible or impractical reasons is very broad. Would it be valid under personal circumstances or just those mandated by the government?
That is a very good question.  One that I asked of the Association when they first came out with the addendum.  The following is the explanation I received… "In regards to line 9, the intent of the NJ Realtors® Addendum for Seasonal Leases is to deal with unforeseen circumstances that can arise and have arisen as a result of COVID-19 that would undermine the reasons that a person would enter into a seasonal lease. Examples of such unforeseen circumstances are included in the first paragraph .   If those circumstances, due to no fault of either party, affect the purpose of the lease, either party may cancel the lease."  Personally, I think the addendum is poorly written.  What I do believe it is useful for is additional marketing for the homeowners that use the addendum.  We know there are a lot of folks that are on the fence right now about renting.  We are hoping that with the addendum we can get folks off the fence and get them making deposits.
Should we ask for more time to more effectively clean the house?
Based on the additional procedures required, Robin and her partner are going to be looking for an additional 2 hours.
Looking into your crystal ball – I’m sure you have one… 🙂 – what is your best guess of what might happen this summer? I don’t believe we will be open for Memorial weekend.
My best and hopeful guess is early to mid-June.  My guess is there will be local pressure throughout shore towns to have more than a July and August season.
Is this 30 day time frame also the time to reimburse the security deposit and prepaid rents? Those deposits will have already been made and spent. Is there a time frame the owner has to come up with that reimbursement that is acceptable?
Keeping in mind that we are talking about new leases only, I think it would be a good idea to keep those payments liquid till you are past the cancellation deadline.  Remember, if there is a government ordered travel ban during a week/weeks that you are rented and a guest is not permitted to come, you should expect that homeowners will be compelled to return rent payments or otherwise negotiate something with the tenant that is acceptable to both parties.  For instance; carrying over the deposit for the same week the following year.  If a guest has a financial hardship, that could be a different story.
Is 30 days the normal time frame or do you personally recommend a different amount ? What is the longest amount of time that is acceptable?
So far, we have not seen the number of days exceed 30.  I’m finding that most homeowners are using 30 to 21 days.
If this addendum is enacted by a renter, will MAR then actively relist the date and work with us to get that week aggressively rented?
Absolutely we are going work to try and get the week re-rented.  Keep in mind, homeowners that have refunded guests for canceling due to the pandemic, MAR has in all cases returned the commission.
Does this addendum apply to our current weekly leases or just new leases for the few remaining open weeks that we have?
The addendum was intended for new leases moving forward and not for leases already executed.
Assuming the season proceeds, are there particular cleaning methods or protocols that you suggest we have our cleaner do to help put the renters at ease?
So, my wife Robin and her managing partner have a cleaning company and they have been very proactive in researching cleaning products that will disinfect and sanitize the virus.   They have had conversations with reps from leading Janitorial companies and vacation rental housekeeping departments throughout the country currently in the trenches dealing with covid-19. They have researched the resources from the World Health Organizaton (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protecton Agencey (EPA), and are in the process of creating this master guide for COVID-19 Disinfection and Deep Clean.