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Saved search feature

New Saved Search Feature!

Our new “Saved Search Feature” allows you to create & save different searches depending on your search criteria. MAR will email you a list of your rentals and will email you whenever there are new rentals which meet your criteria. You will receive daily emails of new rentals for each saved search created.

To create saved searches, you must 1st register. To register or login, go here.

Once logged in, quickly access your saved searches in your SSF portal area.

NOTE: Saved searches are not editable once created. To change a saved search, delete it and create a new one.

saved search feature

Favorite Properties

Click the “Heart” icon in search results (Over thumbnail) to add properties to your favorites section.  View all your favorite properties in one place.

Favorite Properties

Email/Share Rentals

To share a list of rental(s) with someone, click the “Add” checkbox in search results. Click as many rentals as needed. Then click the “Send” button on any rental to open the send box.

Here, you will enter their email address, as well as your name and email. Phone # is optional.

A list of rentals will then be emailed to you and them, with your info at top, so they know it was from you.